Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode July 15: Mounitha is Terrified

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In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Mounitha is shocked by Roshini's statements. Roshini says that if inquiry proves that Mounitha is wrong, she is going to punish her. Karthik worries about Anadh Rao's visit and Deepa gives him the plan. 

Aditya tells Shravya that Deepa instructed him not to tell the truth to Anadh Rao. Roshini observes Priyamani's moves as a part of the inquiry. Meanwhile, Deepa and Bhagyalaxshmi visit Mounitha's house. Mounitha fears the worst when Deepa warns her by taking Durga and Anji's names. Deepa tells Mounitha that Anji and Durga are ready to confess the truth about her to Roshini.

In yesterday's episode, Roshini visits Deepa's house and enquires about Mounitha and Karthik's relationship. Deepa tells Roshini that she believes that Karthik has not committed any mistake and asks her to solve the issue.
Bhagyalaxmi insults Mounitha and tells her that she is planning to have a baby shower for her. Deepa tells Karthik that Mounitha has given a complaint to Roshini. On the other hand, Mounitha tries to convince Roshini that Karthik is the culprit.  

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