Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode: Hima Reveals Diary Content

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In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Hima questions Vihari as to why Karthik hates him and how he knows Deepa. Vihari tells Hima that he and Karthik are good friends. Hima tells Soundarya and her family members that she has read the diary. Vihari and Thulasi wish Karthik and Deepa the best of luck for their new journey. Anand Rao shares his grief with  Soundarya. Varanasi gets emotional with Deepa as they are leaving the US.

In yesterday's episode, Hima stumbles upon Karthik’s diary where she finds out about Vihari and Deepa. Karthik agrees to Soundarya's words and decides to leave for the US with Deepa and his children. Sourya requests Hima to forget everything and spend some happy time with family as they are all set to leave in a few days. But Hima refuses to listen to her. Later, Deepa lashes out at Hima for her behaviour. Hima asks Deepa why is she shouting at her when her dad (Karthik) has committed a mistake. Later, Deepa’s family is stunned by Vihari and his wife, Thulasi's visit. Hima questions about “Deeparadhan” book and Vihari which shocks Karthik and family.

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