Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode December 25: Deepa, Karthik Mull Business Plan

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In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa assures Karthik of supporting him and not get disappointed. Meanwhile, Rudrani meets Hima and Sourya and reminds Karthik about the deal. Karthik worries over how to clear the debts of Koteshu. Soundarya tells Anand Rao that she met Ratna Sita about spying on Mounitha. Srivalli says that they are planning to name the baby Anand. Later, Karthika and his family spend some time together. Deepa tells them she will start a cooking business and Karthik decides to start tuitions for children. Elsewhere, Rudrarani visits home and gives Hima and Sourya sweets.

In yesterday's episode, Mounitha hides Shravya's baby. Soundarya and Shravya are tensed. Later, Mounitha tells Shravya that she has hidden her baby in the room. On the other hand, Hima and Sourya join the new school. Meanwhile, Mounitha joins for lunch and Aditya leaves his in between. Elsewhere, Soundarya insults Mounitha for her acts and warns her, asking her to leave the house. Sourya explains to Hima about their situation and decides not to trouble Deepa and Karthik. Soundarya seeks Ratna Sita's help to get rid of Mounitha and asks if Mounitha hid his baby with her, but gets a negative reply. Soudarya asks Ratna Sita to observe Mounitha 's moves. Karthik feels guilty for not being able to help Deepa. He regrets about not being able to give a better life to Hima and Sourya.

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