Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today July 22: Deepa Threatens Mounitha

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa gets shocked on seeing Mounitha in her house. Karthik lashes out at Mounitha over her words. Deepa threatens Mounitha and tells her that children are keeping mum. She also asks Mounitha to stop dreaming about her marriage to Karthik because it won't happen. Meanwhile, Mounitha gets suspicious when Anand Rao asks her to meet him.

In yesterday's episode, Anand Rao slams Karthik after learning the truth about Mounitha and Karthik's marriage. Karthik us badly hurt by Anand Rao's harsh words and fears about him discovering about Mounitha's pregnancy. Mounitha emotionally blackmails Karthik to marry her. Elsewhere, Karthik gives back to Mounitha and tells her he is not going to marry her.  Karthik tells her clearly that he is ready to face the consequences.

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