Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert April 27: Mounitha Plans Drug Deepa again!

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, doctor Bharathi tells Mounitha that Deepa's health condition is in a very critical stage. Later, Mounitha comes up with another plan to make Deepa's health more critical with another drug. Meanwhile, Soundarya and her family join Muralikrishna's family for ritual.

Karthik lashes out at Deepa for not taking care of her health. Meanwhile, Mounitha asks Deepa to listen Karthik's words during which Deepa hits out at Mounitha and warns her not to get involved in their matter.

In yesterday's episode, Shravya shares with Aditya about Deepa's situation and wishes that Karthik also joins them in the ritual. Meanwhile, Karthik rejects Mounitha's proposal to go out and invites her to Muralikrishna's house for the ritual. Deepa gets frustrated when Karthik invites Mounitha to the pooja ceremony. Even Soundarya is puzzled on learning that Mounitha is also attending the ritual.   

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