Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert April 15: Finally, Couple Reunion!

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In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa asks Karthik to tell her about the state of her health but Karthik refuses to tell her. Deepa tells Karthik that she can't trust him anymore. While Karthik questions Deepa about her behavior and asks why is she so stubborn towards him. Deepa replies to Karthik saying that he has lost her respect by going back on his words. Karthik agrees and convinces Deepa to visit the hospital.

Elsewhere, Mounitha visits Soundarya's house and tells her that she has requested Karthik to take Deepa to the hospital and confounds Soundarya. On the other hand, Karthik takes Deepa to the hospital and introduces her to the doctor as his wife.

In the previous episode, Karthik clears Sourya and Hima's doubts over Deepa's reluctance to undergo treatment or take medication. Later, Deepa executes her plan to convince Karthik into accepting her. Karthik requests Deepa to take treatment. Deepa uses the opportunity to check with Karthik about the real state of her health, but Karthik refuses to divulge any details.

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