Karthika Deepam Shocker: Will Makers Kill Deepa And Give Wings To Mounitha?

 - Sakshi Post

Telugu popular serial Karthika Deepam features Premi Viswanath (Deepa) , Nirupam Paritala (Dr Karthik), Shobha Shetty(Mounitha) in lead roles. The film mostly revolves around these three characters. Karthik's role is that of doctor in the film.

Deepa is Karthik's wife and Mounitha his mistress. In a recent episode, Mounitha shocked everyone by declaring that she is pregnant with Karthik's child. Karthika's family is upset with the news of Mounitha's pregnancy. The serial has a huge fan following in Telugu states. Looks like show viewers are not happy with the latest development in the serial. 

Karthik is trying a lot to seek Deepa's apology while she is crying inside her heart not to show her pain to the family members and loved ones.She is being nice to every one in the house. Deepa has two daughters in the show. But, Karthik doesn't have any male heir. As per the buzz in tele circles, Mounitha may deliver a baby boy which could change the dynamics of Karthik's relationship with the two women. 

The latest topic being hotly debated in social media is if Karthika Deepam writer will kill Deepa's character in the show. Or Is he planning to create a wider rift between Deepa and Mounitha? The show is expcted to take a new turn after Mounitha's delivery. But we think Mounitha's kid holds the key to future episodes and might change the dimensions in the serials. Let's wait and watch how the serial will unfold in the coming days.

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