Karthika Deepam: Is Mounitha Faking Her Pregnancy?

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Karthika Deepam, which airs on Star Maa, is one of the most popular serials among Telugu Television shows. Karthika Deepam continues to rule the TRP charts among the Telugu TV series. We can say that many viewers are attached to the Karthika Deepam series and never miss watching any episode a single day. Of course, Premi Vishwanath, popularly known as Vanatalakka or Deepa has also earned a special fan base on social media platforms. Premi Vishwanath is one of the reasons for the show Karthika Deepam to become a hit.

By now, you must know that Karthik has learnt the truth about Deepa's innocence and he realises that she did not have an affair with Vihari. Meanwhile, Mounitha says that she is pregnant and going to give birth to Karthik's baby.  On the other hand, Deepa is shocked on hearing this news and leaves Soundary's house. Mounitha blackmails Karthik and demands that he marry her. She also sets  a deadline. In a recent episode, Karthik decides to know the truth of Mounitha's pregnancy and promises Deepa that he will solve the issue. 

Now, if the latest buzz doing the rounds in tele circles is to be believed, Karthik gets to know that Mounitha is faking her pregnancy or he might know that he not the reason for her pregnancy. Let's wait and watch what Karthika Deepam makers are planning.

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