Karthika Deepam Actress to Say Goodbye to Bigg Boss Telugu 5?

 - Sakshi Post

Karthika Deepam is one of the most popular Telugu serials on Star Maa. The show is always on top of the TRP charts. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 contestant Uma Devi played a crucial character in the serial. Now, the senior actress put the popular daily soap on hold in order to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. 

Buzz has it that Uma Devi could be earning fancy remuneration from Bigg Boss makers. What's surprising to all of us is that Uma Devi has been nominated for this week's eviction along with other contestants like Natraj Master, RJ Kajal, Lobo, Priyanka Singh, Anee Master, and Priya. It is easy to predict who's going to leave the house this Sunday.

People are placing their bets on Uma Devi, saying the actress is likely to get eliminated in Sunday's episode. It is learnt that Bigg Boss viewers are dissatisfied with her performance in the house. On top it all, most of the viewers are unable to bear her voice in the house.

Many of the Bigg Boss viewers are predicting that she would get eliminated this week. Bigg Boss makers may have a strategy to eliminate senior actors in the intial days of the show itself. In previous season, Bigg Boss makers had eliminated Karate Kalyani in the second week of the show. On the other hand, Karthima Deepam makers may also want the actress to join back the shoot. 

Taking all these into consideration, there's a huge likelihood of Uma Devi getting eliminated this weekend. Let's wait and watch how far our predictions are going to turn true.

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