Kannada Bigg Boss Voting Trends: Contestants With Highest and Least Votes

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is capturing viewers' attention with a new drama every day inside the house. All the contestants are doing their best to impress the viewers with their games and fights. 

BBK contestants escaped eviction last week despite nominations. But talking about this week's nominated contestants for eviction--Aravind KP, Divya S, Manju, Prashanth S, and Priyanka Thimmesh have been nominated for Elimination. Since all the nominated contestants are top contenders, this weekend's eviction will undoubtedly be filled with more suspense and shocks.

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Take a look at the approximate voting results.

Aravind KP- 85%

Divya Suresh - 60%

Manju - 77%

Prashanth Sambargi - 69%

Priyanka Thimmesh - 50%

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It is too early to predict. But according to the voting list, it seems Priyanka T might be evicted from the Bigg Boss Kannada house. BBK fans are also saying that Priyanka T will be the chosen 1. Even Divya S is also in the danger zone. But there are very few chances for Divya Suresh to get evicted from the Kannada Bigg Boss house because Colors Kannada may save her for their TRP ratings. Let us wait and watch to see what the show makers have planned for this week's eviction. 

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