Kannada Bigg Boss Viewers Support Sambargi, Troll Drama Queen Divya S For Over-reacting

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is picking up momentum what with the shoemakers planning newer ways to keep the audience glued to their TV screens. 

Last week, Bigg Boss introduced a new wild card entry Chakravarthy Chandrachud, a former journalist and the ex-husband of Kannada Actress Shruthi. Now, who would have thought things would take a 360-degree turn after his entry. 

Soon as he entered the house, Prashanth Sambargi was taken aback while the others welcomed him. Everyone thought that there is bound to be some clashes between Prashanth and Chandrachud. However, everything changed in a matter of days as the two seem to be showing bromance. The other day, the duo was even seen gossiping about other contestants.

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It has been observed that the power of Prashanth S has increased after Chandrachud's entry into the Bigg Boss house via wild Card. Like we mentioned earlier, the two have been tagged as gossip kings by netizens on Twitter and now these gossip kings had a war with Divya S and Manju in yesterday's episode.

 Netizens have been trolling Prashanth S for calling Divya S 'Davvu' and say, Divya S was over-reacting to housemates for calling her that. They say even school children use the word Davvu word. If Manju calls Divya S 'Davvu' she would not have reacted thus, feel netizens.

Some even say that earlier Prashanth S mentioned Divya U as girlfriend and now Divya S as Davvu. BBK fans say that Prashanth S can't stop his tongue from wagging.

On the other hand, Prashanth S fans have been targetting Divya S saying if she can use the garden area for talking, why can't Prashanth sing in the pool. They say Divya S is a drama queen and overreacts to small issues.

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