Kannada Bigg Boss Viewer's Open Letter to Sudeep, Colors Kannada on Rajeev's Elimination

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The popular reality show on the Kannada small screen--Bigg Boss has been getting lots of love from the viewers ever since season 1 to the current season 8. But viewers are very disappointed with Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 because of its unfair decision with respect to the eviction of strong contestants from the house. 

Netizens say that show makers, colors Kannada channel, is only bothered about their TRP rating and evicting honest and strong contestants from the house while supporting contestants who are not eligible to play the game inside the Bigg Boss.
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Yesterday's eviction of BBK contestant Rajeev from the glass house has shocked all the BBK viewers. Few viewers say that now there is no use of voting to evict the contestants as Colors Kannada channel will decide by itself as to who will stay in the Bigg Boss House. Netizens are bored of watching this season of Bigg Boss Kannada.

In the latest development, a BBK viewer has penned an open letter to Kannada Bigg Boss host Kichcha Sudeep. In the letter, he says that Bigg Boss Kannada has reached season 8 only because of Kichcha Sudeep's honesty. But the viewer goes to add that season 8 seems to be totally unfair towards strong contestants inside the house.

The viewer mentions that Rajeev's eviction was unfair and says that Rajeev was one of the top contestant to win the trophy of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 compared to a few not-eligible contestants who are not fit to be in the house. The viewer requests Kichcha Sudeep to plan Rajeev's re-entry into the Bigg Boss house otherwise and warns saying the show may lose its popularity and the audience may not show any interest in watching Bigg Boss Kannada season 8.

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