Kannada Bigg Boss 7th Week Eliminations: Which Contestants Will Get Immunity?

 - Sakshi Post

Colors Kannada has released the new promo of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. In the promo, Bigg Boss assigns a new task to contestants. In the task, housemates are asked to get into the bus with their bags within the given time, whoever fails to get into the bus will be sent out of the house.

The housemates who will win the task will get Immunity from elimination for next week. The immunity is a golden ticket and they can use it anytime to come out of nominations if they are nominated. This task was there in one of the previous seasons of Bigg Boss Kannada too. 

In the promo, we can see Vishwa and Prashanth Sambargi missing the bus. Let's wait and watch to see which contestant will get Immunity from eviction for next week.

Netizens who are watching Voot Select live say that three out of four remaining contestants in the "Chance to Immunity bus task" are in the nominations in this week's elimination. Adding they say that Aravind KP and Divya U are also out.

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