Kanmani Will Be Back As A Host For Mid Week Elimination!

 - Sakshi Post

Colors Kannada's most watched show right now is Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss viewers are really frustrated over the host not announcing elimination in the Sunday episode. There's talk on social media that weekend episodes are now boring. They say that they frantically wait for  weekends to watch Sudeep and know who will get evicted, but this weekend was a disappointment. 

We are sure the show is getting decent TRPs during week days. However, to raise it further, the show makers are believed to have planned mid-week elimination. However, when it comes to elimination, the beauty of having a host do the honours has its own attraction. Imagine just a word from Bigg Boss about the name of the eliminated contestant. It will be turn out to be another routine episode.

Eliminating contestants is the duty of the host, be it Sudeep or anyone else. And people actually wait to see that. Now, with mid-week elimination planned in Kannada Bigg Boss season 8, there is speculation over who will do the honours. Will Sudeep come as the host for mid-week elimination too? 

We don't know whether Sudeep will be back in the Bigg Boss house for mid-week elimination. Remember Kanmani? The voice that kept BBK contestants and viewers engaged with her sweet voice in Sudeep's absence? Now, we hear that there is a high chance of Kanmani visiting the  Bigg Boss house as special host this week to eliminate the contestant. 

For those who joined in late to the story, Kanmani kept the TRP charts up when Kichcha Sudeep couldn't maske it to the show due to his ill- health before the show got suspended due to the second wave of Coronavirus. She stole the hearts of the audience through her voice. Kannada Bigg Boss viewers are missing her, if she visits the BBK house as a special host, then it will be music to the ears of the audience. Let's wait and watch whether she will make a comeback or not. Watch this space for more updates.

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