Jessie Offered Money To Bigg Boss Makers To Enter The House?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Jessie aka Jaswanth Paddala stepped out of the Bigg Boss house due to health issues. Post the show, Jessie is seen urging all his followers to vote for his best pals Siri and Shanmukh in the house. 

Now, rumors are doing the rounds that Jessie struck a deal with the show makers for a fancy amount to participate in the Bigg Boss show. 

Rumors have reached Jessie's ears and he has reacted to the news, "I didn't offer money to Bigg Boss or the show makers. I'm from a very normal family. He also showed his bank balance of Rs 11 lakhs. I don't have that much money to pay and enter the house. When I got the offer promising a decent pay packet from the Bigg Boss team, I thought why miss the chance as it will help me out in getting closer to the audience as well as in reshaping my career.".

Yes, Bigg Boss has offered Jessie a chance to take part in the game. That's the end of story. No more speculations, guys. 

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