Janaki Kalaganaledu Spoiler Today's Episode June 9: Jnanamba Asks Janaki To Leave The House

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While performing Santhana Laxmi Puja, Mallika suddenly remembers the Pizza she had ordered and she decides to escape the ritual. She devises a plan and tells Jnanamba that she has a headache and wants to take rest. But, Jnanamba shouts at her and asks her to wait till the puja gets over.

After the puja is completed, Mallika escapes from the hall and phones the delivery agent and gets pizza from the back door. While she is eating pizza, Jnanamba calls her. But Vishnu tells his mother that she has a headache.

Later, the family members give send off the priest. Then they see the delivery agent Narayana and he thanks Rama's help during his mother's treatment. Narayana sees Mallika while Rama introduces his family members. He tells that Mallika ordered Chicken pizza.

After learning the truth, Jnanamba gets furious as Mallika broke her fast. She decides not to spare her mistake, Mallika begs her not to throw her out of the house. Jnanamba then demands Janaki to leave the house. Will Janaki leave the house following her mother-in-law's decision is to be watched in the episode.

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