Jabardasth: Rocket Raghava Makes Interesting Comments On Roja, Nagababu

 - Sakshi Post

Rocket Raghava said that he has faced many ups and downs in his career. He further added that he has been in Jabardasth for the last four years. Before stepping into Jabardasth he acted as an anchor in Gemini channel. In the beginning of his career, he did a few comedy roles. Later, he was given a serious role but the film didn't go on the floors.

He spoke about how he got the Jabardasth offer. He added that he got Jabardasth offer while he was working in Gemini TV. He said that the makers of the show, Jabardasth, give him much value. He asserted that he has learnt a lot from the other teams. Earlier, he was not able to compete with others. He said that the other teams used to come up with new ideas and used to win the hearts of the judges with their skits. He said that he never argues with anyone; People who knew him would not argue with him. He said that there is a lot of difference between the skits which he had performed in the beginning and the skits which he is doing now. He said that he used to feel a lot when he couldn't do the skit properly.

Rocket Raghava said that Roja and Nagababu, the judges of Jabardasth used to give them classes when the performances were not up to the mark. He said that Nagababu and Roja used to give suggestions and should tell them to do skits properly. They used to say that if they perform skits well then they would get good chances.

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