It's Official: Jasmin Bhasin To Marry Aly Goni After Bigg Boss Grand Finale

 - Sakshi Post

Last week's Weekend ka Vaar, brought Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction from the Bigg Boss house and it left fans shocked and disappointed, but Aly Goni was the one to be affected by this, the most. He couldn’t stop crying.

It is no news that Jasmin and Aly formed a special bond in Bigg Boss house. They fell in love and even started having marriage plans.

Before leaving BB house, Jasmin smiled while saying she is okay with her eviction and is happy that at least Aly is safe. Before leaving, she consoled Aly and told him to play well. “I love you and you need to come out as a winner. Do not let others take advantage of your anger. Stay Calm,” she said. Jasmin gave a quick hug to all the remaining contestants and left BB house.

After Jasmin’s parents ‘Not so satisfactory’ reaction to the couple during family week, fans were left wondering if the marriage was still in talks. After her elimination, Jasmin confirmed that her parents weren’t against the relationship; they just wanted Jasmin to focus on her solo game. It was a misunderstanding.

Jasmin confirmed that, once Aly comes back, both families will meet and have a discussion. She took to social media to confirm the same.

“Marriage is a very big decision to be taken by two people. Our families and I are waiting for Aly Goni  to come back and we will discuss it as a family,” tweeted Jasmin.

“I have fallen in love and it’s a beautiful feeling. I don’t mind getting married this year, my parents are okay with it. Once Aly comes out, they will meet his parents. We need to know what his parents have to say about it,” she added.

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