It's Confirmed, Manju Pavagada is BBK8 Winner

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So here is our prediction for the Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 winner. There is a huge buzz on social media that Manju Pavagada has won the  Bigg Boss Kannada trophy. But, we must wait for an official announcement tomorrow evening to know whether this will really come true. 

It is worth mentioning here that Manju P has got a good vote percentage. We all know that Aravind KP and Manju Pavagada are in the race to lift the season 8 Bigg Boss Kannada trophy. Aravind KP and Manju Pavagada have an equal fan base. Fans are working hard to make their contestants win the BBK8 title. In the last two weeks, Manju P and Aravind have been getting equal scores in the voting lines. 

Netizens are expecting that there will be a tie between Aravind KP and Manju P.  And Colors Kannada might split the prize money between them. It is known that Aravind KP won the cash prize of Rs 2 lakhs for finishing the tasks in the final week. So the buzz is that BBK makers may make Manju Pavagada the winner. Also, eliminated contestants Divya Suresh, Nidhi Subbhaiah, Shubha P, and other Sandalwood stars are rooting for Manju P to win the show.  

Recently, the director of Bigg Boss Kannada said in an interview that Manju hails from a humble background and that he worked hard to get to this level on the small screen. He even compared Aravind KP and Manju P and said that Manju P's background is totally different when compared to Aravind KP's. He says that being a motorsport enthusiast, Aravind KP has got huge sponsors and has visited different countries. However, Manju is from a different world altogether. Meanwhile, speculation is rife that the show makers are planning to make Manju Pavagada the winner of season 8 as he needs that exposure to succeed. BBK viewers who have seen the video say that perhaps the director was hinting at Manju's win as a way to encourage talent from a humble background. 

Let's see what will happen next.

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