Huge Fight in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 House, Contestants Destroy House

 - Sakshi Post

Tonight’s Bigg Boss Telugu 5 episode will be high on drama with tasks assigned to the contestants. Bigg Boss has assigned the captaincy task. Ravi and Sunny have been divided into two groups where Ravi and Sunny are kings. The contestants fight with each other physically and drama between Jessie and another contestant. On the other hand, Sreerama supports Ravi's team mire than Sunny's team. Sunny's team fires at Sreerama saying he is being unfair towards them as a sanchalak. Anee Master from Ravi's team gets into the circle as a contender with Jessie. Netizens have loved Anee Master's spirit. A section of the audience says that after this episode, support for Anee Master will grow and feel that every female contestant should have this fire in the Bigg Boss Telugu glass house. They compare Anee Master to Ravi and Sreerama for not coming forward to play the game. Netizens miss Uma Devi in the task, they say that if Uma Devi was in the task, Star Maa would have gotten the highest TRP ratings.

According to Bigg Boss Telugu viewers, Jessie wins over Anee Master. Anee Master has no doubt won the audience' heart by fighting equally with a male contestant. It won’t be wrong to say that Anee Master should get the best performer of the wee award. Few netizens are trolling Sreerama asking why he sent Anee Master when Bigg Boss asked to he play the game by making another contestant the sanchalak.
There's a lot more happening. So, don’t miss watching tonight’s episode. Want to know who has won the captaincy task? Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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