This Is How Much Bigg Boss Contestant Should Pay Back Channel For Voluntary Exit

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Each day brings a new drama in the Bigg Boss house. BB14 is always in the headlines. Contestants have kept the viewers entertained. When a contestant is eliminated through fan voting, it is natural. But when a contestant voluntarily exits the BB house, it is a whole different story.

Jasmin Bhasin revealed that she is ready to pay a Rs. 2 crore fine to the channel upon allowing her to exit from the Bigg Boss house.

The family week during ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ episode of Bigg Boss 14, saw some lovely moments, but there were also emotional and shocking moments. Contestant Jasmin Bhasin met her parents during the family week and this brought a shocking revelation as well.

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni have been dating for some time now. When they asked their parents for advice, Jasmin’s father did not react pleasantly. The parents were not happy with the relationship and rejected them with a straight, “NO.”

Jasmin’s father told her to focus only on her solo game. He told that Jasmin’s target is to win and nothing should come in between, especially sentiments and emotions. “Take care of yourself and focus on the trophy. You should play your own game. We want our old Jasmin back,” said her father. Jasmine tried to reason with her parents saying, Aly and her have been friends for a long time. They share a special bond.  

Following this incident, both Aly and Jasmin wished for their exit from the show. Jasmin even said that she is ready to pay the fine for her voluntary exit. “I will pay the channel 2 crore fine,” she said.

By saying this, Jasmin confirmed that any contestant who wishes to leave the show mid-way will have to pay a penalty to the channel.

The news came to light during Bigg Boss seasons 9 and 10. During season 9, it was reported that the fine was a whooping Rs. 5 crore.

But during season 10, the reports changed. It was said that a contestant who wishes to walk out of Bigg Boss house voluntarily and not by eviction, will pay a fine to the makers. This is also written in their contract. The decided sum is Rs. 2 crore.

Does that mean Rahul Vaidya who also walked out of Bigg Boss house had to pay a fine? Rahul was brought back into the house after some time. His re-entry could have been because of fan demand or just a big publicity stunt by the channel for TRPs.

Jasmin’s comment sure has sparked a question in audiences’ minds. Was Rahul asked to pay this fine as well?

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