Hindi Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant's Cheap 'Torture' Makes Rubina, Abhinav Cry

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Things are becoming more than intense in the Bigg Boss 14 house. Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik have been in the talks since BB14 started. The couple has attracted a lot of fans and viewers. Over the course of the show, the couple went through a lot of controversies and fights. Now the latest addition to the drama is Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Sawant has spoken multiple times regarding her feelings for Abhinav. She has constantly tried to come close to Abhinav and indulges in all kinds of tactics. Earlier Rakhi openly confessed that she would like to become the mother of Abhinav’s child. All she needs is a little love and some of his sperm. After that incident, Rakhi again tried having ‘fun’ with Abhinav. She pulled the strings of Abhinav’s shorts.

Rakhi openly confessed that she hates Abhinav’s wife, Rubina. All this is being done in the name of entertainment while Rakhi claims she is the biggest ‘entertainer.’ What Rakhi calls entertainment is not being enjoyed by the viewers, anymore.

Earlier many Bigg boss fans pointed out that in what Rakhi is doing it is actually benefiting Abhinav as his screen time is getting increased and he is getting extra footage. But it has now gone out of hands. After a recent promo aired which showed Host Salman Khan taking Rakhi’s side, viewers were left in shock. Many disagreed with the way Salman reacted and trended, “Viewers with Abhinav” on twitter.


In the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar episode, Bigg Boss will ask the contestants to name one person that was wrong and acted badly in the week. Along with the name, they are to give a reason as to why they think that particular contestant was ‘wrong.’

In the promo, we can see, Rakhi targeted Rubina and said that “Rubina and do whatever she wants to, but she (Rakhi) will succeed in stealing her husband, Abhinav from her. You (Rubina) can now try to separate Abhinav and me.” Rakhi further claimed that whatever she is doing is entertainment. “This is cheap entertainment. The Indian viewers love me.”

Rubina in turn took Rakhi’s name and said that Rakhi didn’t respect the love and emotions of others. She played with Abhinav and Rubina’s emotions. Rubina said Rakhi was very cheap with her tactics as she tried to damage the couple’s relationship. Not just that, she also took advantage of Abhinav’s silence.

Even Abhinav targeted Rakhi and said that he never expected her to go this far. Abhinav said that, when him and Rakhi hugged, it was all in friendship and rakhi gave it a ‘cheap meaning.’ She went to Arshi and framed the hug in a ‘double meaning’ light. He said, “I didn’t know that your definition of entertainment comes with torturing someone. If this is something that the Bigg Boss viewers like and this is what Indians call entertainment, then I don’t know what to do”

In the promo, Abhinav was later seen breaking down. He said, Rakhi is doing all this on purpose, she just wants her benefit. I (Abhinav) was stupid to have fallen into that the trap. I shouldn’t have let her come close to me.” Rakhi later came to Abhinav in order to apologize, but he said to just stay away from him.


Salman Khan was seen defending Rakhi and slammed the couple. In the promo, we can see Salman confronting Rubina. He said, after she got to know about the “pajama strings” incident, she overreacted. What Rubina did was not necessary. Rubina tried defending herself and said that, “When Rakhi is against someone, she crosses all boundaries to hurt that person.”

Abhinav said Rakhi tried to put him in the bad light. But Salman said Rakhi did no such thing. If anything, all this is only benefitting Abhinav. Salman further said that, even the viewers are watching, there is nothing wrong with it.

Abhinav said if this is what everyone calls entertainment, “then I want to go home right now.” People are saying I am benefiting through Rakhi’s actions, I do not want this advantage. I never asked for it.


After the promo was aired, viewers became agitated. Bigg Boss fans pointed out that what host Salman Khan said was absolutely wrong. In no way, it was Abhinav’s mistake. He is being targeted for ‘Cheap entertainment.’

“Viewers with Abhinav” is trending on Twitter and now has over 170K tweets. Many said, this season has gone too far and is targeting an honest man for TRP.

While many people are supporting Abhinav, there are also few fans who have said that this is all being done in order to get Abhinav in viewers’ spotlight. This is leading to him getting sympathy when such things happened before and no one spoke then.

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