Here's Why Aravind KP Elimination Confirmed This Weekend

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Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial reality shows in India. Currently, Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is ruling the TRP charts, thanks to the contestants and show format. Just a few days left for the curtains to come down on the most watched show. The show makers are also giving tough tasks to the contestants to prove their worth in the house. Sadly, Aravind KP, who's the most popular contestant in the house this season, is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. If you didn't know yet, Aravind KP is a very focused person when it comes to tasks.

Aravind never hides his angry. He has even shown his displeasure towards housemates in public on several occasions. Now, a video of Aravind showing middle finger during a task has been leaked and gone viral. Well, interestingly enough, this particular scene where Aravind made the vulgar gesture was edited out of the episode by Colors Kannada.

If you recall, Colors Kannada had to eliminate Chakravarthy Chandrachud for showing his middle finger to the camera. Sudeep gave a long lecture to him on how the family audiences were wanting to know what the sign showed by the contestant meant. Even Bigg Boss flagged Chandrachud's behaviour leading to him getting evicted from the show.

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Now, BBK viewers are wondering why the show makers did not telecast Aravind KP's middle finger scene. It is known that BBK viewers can watch the show hours before the show is aired on TV on the VOOT live app. Bigg Boss viewers have smartly taken this scene from Voot 24*7 live app and they are demanding that Colors Kannada treat all the contestants equally. Some of them are even urging Sudeep and Colors Kannada to eliminate Aravind KP for showing the middle finger.

They are saying if Chakravarthy could be shown the door, the same treatment should be accorded to Aravind too by the show runners. Will Colors Kannada eliminate Aravind KP is very difficult to answer it, as his fans would troll the channel badly on social media. Also, it is fair to say that he is one of the reasons for the show's huge popularity. So it would be interesting to watch if Colors Kannada would give in to the pressure and eliminate Aravind KP or continue their preferential treatment towards him.

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