Here's Why Anee Master Can't Escape Elimination This Weekend

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Anee Master is a familiar figure in the house. Now and then, she is seen getting into fights with housemates. Although she is a big name in the Tollywood circles, she is yet to leave an impression on the Bigg Boss audience due to her weak performance in the house. 

Now, for those who missed last night's episode VJ Sunny kissed Anee Master after the captaincy task. He kissed her unable to contain his happiness as she helped him with the captaincy task.

On the other hand, Anee Master is in the bottom position as per unofficial polls. If you recall, Few days ago Hamida got eliminated from the house. Star Maa viewers complained of objectionable content on a family show. 

Later, netizens on social media said that the makers eliminated Hamida for being kissed by SRC aka Sree Rama Chandra. Now, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers fear that the same fate could befall Anee Master.

But this time around, Bigg Boss makers have two strong reasons to eliminate her from the show, one is votes and another one could be the kissing episode. 

The makers could worry about losing family viewers with such episodes in the house. But if the votes garnered by the contestant are lower too, there's no way Anee Master can escape elimination this weekend. Let's wait and see what's in store for the viewers in the weekend episode. 

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