Has Siri's Boyfriend Taken His Revenge Against Shanmukh?

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Shanmukh Jaswanth aka Shannu used to be one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Every BB Telugu  viewers thought Shanmukh would win Bigg Boss Telugu 5 due to his huge fan following and popularity in the Telugu states. It is being said on social media that Shanmukh Jaswanth lost the trophy due to his overconfidence in the show. 

Rumors are doing the rounds that Shanmukh also lost the trophy because of his relationship with Siri Hanmanth. Last week, Siri was heavily trolled by Netizens. A section of the audience said that Siri was with Shanmukh for votes.

Just two days before the grand finale episode, Siri's boyfriend Shrihan's blamed Shanmukh, the former also said that Shanmukh would have gone mad without Siri in the Bigg Boss house as he doesn't easily mingle with people. 

Now, Bigg Boss viewers say that Shrihan blaming Shanmukh in the last minute could have been one of the reasons for him to lose the game. Bigg Boss viewers are blaming Siri's boyfriend for Shannu losing the trophy.

They are wondering if Srihan waited till the finals to do the damage. His social media post put up just two days before finals which went viral in no time tarnished Shannu's image, they contend. 

However, as per the makers, Shannu lost the race because he failed to get enough votes from the audience. 

We can't jump to conclusions based on netizens' comments. Neither can we say for sure what exactly could have led to the fall of Shanmukh's popularity.

THe bottom line is Shannu got unlucky, after so much hype was created around his entry.

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