Gossip Uncles Prashanth, Chandrachud Bitch About Divya Uruduga

 - Sakshi Post

Hey BBK viewers. Were you missing all the gossip sessions between Prashanth Sambargi and Chakravarthi Chandrachud? If so, get ready to hear them soon. It seems that gossip centres in the Kannada Bigg Boss have ropened. and guess what, BBK viewers who have seen the promo have given new names to the two contestants. They have branded Prashanth S and Chandrachud, Gossip uncles.

Well, to put it in the words of netizens, Gossip Uncles Chandrachud and Prashanth are back! And this time, they were spotted by the Bigg Boss cameras, bitching about Divya Uruduga and her performance in the tasks. Prashanth S is seen telling Chandrachud that Divya U has never really won a task in all these days of her stay in the Bigg Boss house. He goes on to say that if she has won then it's only with Aravind KP after the jodi task. This comment comes as a surprise as Prashanth and Divya U used  to share a good rapport when PS was nice to her. Prashanth also became popular on social media platforms because of that. Netizens have asked both Prashanth and Chandrachud  to mind their own business and check what tasks they have achieved instead of backbiting.

It is worth mentioning here that Chandrachud and Prashanth S had a clash a few days ago and would not see eye-to-eye after the fallout. Prashanth ignored and avoided Chandrachud's statements in the lasrt few days to avoid any clashes. BBK viewers say that whatever happens between Prashanth S and Chandrachud, they will surely get back and reunite for gossiping. Till the previous episode, they were not on talking terms. Now, in the episode tonight's, after a long time, we will get to see them together.  

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