Five Reasons Why Aravind KP Is Winner Of Bigg Boss Kannada 8

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Bigg Boss Kannada is one of the biggest reality TV shows in India. The current season is extra special to the viewers, thanks to the lovely pair Aravind KP and Divya Uruduga. BBK8 is also appealing to the viewers due to the other contestants in the house who have made the show interesting with their diversity.  It wouldn't be wrong if we said that some of the show buffs blindly admire and love one particular contestant this season. No prizes for guessing. The contestant we are talking about is none other than Aravind KP. If you have been his fan since his motor sports days or liked him after he entered the Bigg Boss house, you would have noticed some amazing qualities in him. Here are few reasons why  we think Aravind KP deserves to win the title of Bigg Boss Kannada 8.

Aravind and Divya Uruduga Jodi: There's no denying the fact that Aravind and Divya Uruduga are the favorite Jodi to many of the show lovers. Other contestants like Prashanth, Chakravarthy, and a few others have had differences with the duo. The two have been often targeted by other contestants at every stage of the game. But both Divya and Aravind have managed to keep their cool and remain unfazed. They two were often seen sorting out differences after every task. It should not be forgotten that they have also given relationship goals to their fans with their rock steady bond in the house.

Aravind is the only real contestant: Yes, it's true because he always plays his own game without taking anyone's opinion. Aravind manages to enter the safety zone and save himself from elimination each time he is nominated. Why would you think he escaped eviction several times? We think it's because Aravind played a fair game. In many instances, we saw the real side of Aravind KP and he never once pretended to please fans or BBK viewers by putting on an act. He was himself throughout the season.

Always in the spotlight: Aravind has earned a huge fan base with his honest game play in the house. Before or after the second innings, Aravind has always managed to be in the news be it for positive or negative reasons, which has made his game stronger. He has also grabbed the attention of the show makers so much so that most of the Bigg Boss promos put out by Colors Kannada have featured Aravind.

Aravind always trends on social media: This contestant has been trending on social media since the show went on air. Thanks to his loyal fans who always ensure that he stays ihe news. And, he is also generating content for the viewers. By now, you know that there are several fan pages in the name of Aravind and his best friend in the BBK house, Divya Uruduga. Fans of the duo have coined a new name Arivya to represent the two contestants soon after the show was launched. The araviya hashtag continues to trend on social media.

Always on top of the voting trends: Many of the viewers are well aware that Aravind won't get eliminated. If you recall eviction episodes of this BBK season carefully, then you would know whenever Aravind had been nominated, he has ended up getting saved week after week, because viewers think he is one genuine contestant in the house. His massive fan following has set tongues wagging on social media that it's a paid army. But we know that they are fans, he earned before making a dashing entry into the show.

Bigg Boss Kannada grand finale is expected to take in the second week of August. It remains to be seen who will win the trophy. But The viewers' favourite at the moment is Aravind KP.

Tell us readers—do you think Aravind KP is the most deserving contestant to win Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 title? Let us know in  the comments.

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