Double Elimination In Final Week Of Bigg Boss Kannada 8

 - Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is all set to close by next weekend. The Grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 will be held on August 8.  For the past few days, we are hearing reports that there will be double elimination in Bigg Boss Kannada 8.  The show makers have never once done double elimination this season even though they know that people are talking about it. Currently, there are eight contestants left in the house. The show organizers have to eliminate three contestants before the grand finale episode. 

No doubt, there will be back-to-back to eliminations this week and next week before the makers announce five finalists of Kannada Bigg Boss 8. It is worth mentioning here that the show host Sudeep and the channel may not opt for double elimination this weekend. If you ask us, how will they evict the other two contestants from the house, read on to know. 

Buzz is that show makers could be planning double elimination in the middle of the grand finale week, as they want to save Prashanth and Shamanth till the end for their entertainment value. In all probability, double elimination is likely to take place sometime next week.

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We don't know what Colors Kannada's elimination strategy is to surprise the viewers. Let's wait and watch.

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