Does Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants Have Minimum Guarantee Period like Hindi OTT?

 - Sakshi Post

t has been two days since Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 commenced. The show is hosted by actor Nagarjuna and the contestants' performance and high voltage drama in the house for the past two days seems to keeping the viewers engaged. Some of the viewers are feeling that the show is not interesting enough whne compared to the previous seasons.

Bigg Boss Telugu host Nagarjuna promised during the pilot episode, that the show organizers are going to provide five times more entertainment this season. Yet, viewers feel that they are failing to provide good content to the viewers. They feel that something is missing. 

Meanwhile, speculations is rife that a few contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are likely to stay in the house only for a short period. A section of the audience feel that the show organisers may have mentioned the same to the contestants during the signing of their contract for Bigg Boss Telugu 5. If one were to go by that theory, then the contestants who have the minimum period guarantee would get eliminated as soon as their time expires in the house. In that case, irrespective of the performance of the contestants, they may still remain in the house as they would have been assured of a certain period of stay in  the house.

This format is being followed by the ongoing version of Hindi Bigg Boss OTT, which is being hosted by Karan Johar. The news was leaked by the contestants themselves. 

The makers of Hindi Bigg Boss are following the format as a few contestants seem to be demanding fancy remuneration which is said to be the reason behind the makers reducing their period of stay in the house. We are yet to know if Star Maa is following  the same strategy for Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Stay tuned for updates.

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