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By Sarah Justin

Bigg Boss contestant Divi Vadthya has become the talk of the town. On one hand, she is basking in the success of her latest web series Cab Stories, which is getting good viewership on OTT. On the other hand, Divi got selected as the most desirable woman of 2020 on TV. When Divi was in the Bigg Boss house, everyone thought she was a bold girl.

And she continues to be bold and independent who fearlessly and relentlessly strives to fulfill her dreams. Now, Divi's career is going great guns. But, you would be surprised to know that she was rejected several times when she tried to get a 9 to 5 job. Divi bated her heart in an exclusive interview with Sakshipost. She has shared many interesting things about her journey in the Bigg Boss house. Here are Excerpts from  the interview: 

Congratulations on being selected as the most desirable woman of 2020? How are you feeling this moment?

I’m feeling fantastic.

How much limelight did Bigg Boss show bring you

After Bigg Boss people started recognising me. Right now, people know me because of my performance on the show. The recognition I got for the most desirable woman is all because of the show. The only reason Why I got selected is because of my performance in Bigg Boss. I was in the house for 50 days but managed to beat even the popular TV anchors. Actually, I didn't try much like other people did as I was on the show for a limited period. I was doing just live shows but people have recognized my efforts. I’m very much thankful to them. The show has really given me a big opportunity and I’m always indebted to the show organizers for it.

How much credit do you give to Bigg Boss for your fame. Rate on a scale of 10

Obviously, I would rate 10. Today, What I’m is because of Bigg Boss. Honestly, before my stint on the TV reality show, no one had a clue about me. But now, people will easily recognize me, thanks to the show. We often get to see different shades of people But, people get to see the real character of a celebrity only in the Bigg Boss house. The real happiness is when people love you even after seeing your behavior in the house.

You said in one of your interviews that you burnt your hands with bigg Boss. Do you regret being a BB contestant?

Yeah, I did. When we do cooking at our home. We will scream at our parents and it is easy to blame our loved ones, as they won’t take it to heart. We forget any arguments or differences at home in a matter of just a few hours. Sometimes, we don’t even remember it. When it comes to Bigg Boss house, there will be no one to blame, no one will be ready to take the blame as our family does. We can’t yell at others in the house, as everyone enters the house with an intent to win the game. Bigg Boss house teaches you so many lessons. We get understand the pain of our parents. I don’t regret it at all. My only regret is I missed my family when I was in the house. Now, they are pretty happy for my career, the way things are changing and helping me evolve.

Do you think you need to have a Godfather to achieve success in this industry?

I don’t have any godfather. If an aspiring actor has a godfather, then, chances of working with stars or getting movies roles would be easy. Without a godfather, your entry into films is really tough and challenging. Now, I have earned the tag of being the most desirable woman. Yet, I can’t just sit at home and relax. As usual, I have to chase projects, I have to follow up with directors and producers about the film. If at all I had a godfather, career opportunities would have been higher than what I am getting now. I’m not saying I’m not being offered, I’m getting offers but they are not good enough to make an impact on the audience.

From being a graduate, you have switched to movies. Didn't you want to pursue a corporate job? 

I’m a postgraduate student. Actually, doing movies is literally my passion. I even tried for a corporate job which pays 25 to 30k per month. But, I got rejected because of my poor skills or knowledge or whatever. During that time, I didn’t know how to even edit my resume, my friends helped and took me to a couple of interviews. Yet, I couldn't make it.

What about your future projects with Chiranjeevi and Karthikeya. How are they progressing

There's no progress on Karthikeya so far. Coming to Chiranjeevi’s project, it would take another couple of months for the film to go on floors. Currently, I’m reading a few scripts. There are a few producers who have come forward to associate with me. Sometimes a few of them drop their plans due to COVID-19. None of them are giving assurance about the project as the situation is really bad for everyone.

Final, one word about your dearest Bigg Boss contestant Amma Rajasekhar?

Honestly, Bigg Boss show is totally different from what it seems outside. When we build friendships in the house, we literally think we will continue the same relationship forever after the show. When I was in the house, I felt so happy that I was with well known people in the house. Amma Rajasekhar guides big stars. Post the show, no one really cares about anyone. Everyone will lead their own life. No one really cares about anyone. I feel that everyone just puts up an act in the house. I and Amma Rajasekhar are not even talking. We met once or twice during the reunion of the show. We get to see the real side of people after the show. 
What about your relationship status?

I’m single.

Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years. Do you dream of bagging a female lead role in movies?

Of course, My only aim is to get good roles with maximum screen space. I’m working relentlessly to achieve my dream. When I heard the news about me finding a place in most desirable women of 2020 on TV, I thought I must use the opportunity wisely, as there are many people who are struggling for this chance. After five years, I want my career to be very beautiful, I wish my name and fame reaches greater heights. I don’t want some other people to draw inspiration from me. I will be happy if my grandchildren or great grandchildren takes my story as an inspiration. People will never notice where you come from, they always notice how many steps you climbed and how far you reached. Parents will give us limited luxury. I’m trying to earn all my luxuries with my own sweat.

If you get a chance to work with a big star...

I have so many Tollywood actors on my wishlist. I would like to work with Pawan Kalyan guru and Mahesh Babu guru, If I get a chance. I don’t have any favorites at the moment.

Finally, what do you want to say to your fans?

I want to tell them that I’m blessed to have them in my life. I never like to call them my fans because I would rather refer to them as my love because they have showered abundant love on me. Sometimes, I feel that I may have done something good in my past life which is paying off now--fame and name. When you work hard and there’s no encouragement from the audience, then, it's of no use. I’m very much thankful to my fans for supporting and encouraging me in each and every thing. I want to tell all my fans, please, just go with flow. Have some patience. If your goal is strong, then one day, you will surely achieve it.

What's your take on the me too movement? Do you think casting couch exists?

I really don’t know whether casting couch exists or not. When two people from the opposite sex work together in a movie, and you have a relationship that's fine. But, when you force someone to do something just because you worked with them, then, it’s totally unfair and an inappropriate thing. They may ask newcomers. But, now people are really scared to talk to women as it could ruin their career in a fraction of a second. There will be no casting couch if you are working with respectable directors or producers because they always respect people and their reputation matters to them. They don’t attempt or fall into such traps. This kind of thing happens only where there’s fake movie or fake casting. 

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