Colors Kannada Master Plan For Divya's Re-Entry In Bigg Boss Kannada 8

 - Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep’s Kannada Bigg Boss season-8 is revolving around Divya Uruduga, who’s away from the show, due to health issues. A section of the audience are worried about Divya Uruduga’s health, they are asking Colors Kannada to bring her back to the show as soon as possible.

There is a flood of tweets on social media with the hashtag 'please bring Divya back to the show'. Divya fans are urging the show runners to share an update on Divya Uruduga and clarify whether she will be back to the Bigg Boss house or not. 

Now, the buzz on social media doing the rounds is that next weekend, Sudeep might ask Aravind to go to storeroom and bring Yes and No boards from there.

 When he goes to there, he will bump into Divya Uruduga. So Colors Kannada may be planning a suprise for Aravind and viewers next week. Divya Uruduga's re-entry to the show might happen anytime soon as the show's TRP seems to have dipped and the makers are planning to bring her as early as possible. 

Colors Kannada is waiting for Divya Uruduga to recover fully and they don’t mind, even, if it takes another week. They know for a fact that Divya’s re-entry, the emotional episode between Divya and Aravind KP will surely bring tears of joy to not only contestants inside the house but also viewers. Now, we just can't wait for Divya’s Re-entry to the show episode.  

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