Colors Kannada Ask BBK8 Viewers To Vote For Most Selfish Contestant, Netizens Give Shocking Reply

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 Colors Kannada asked Bigg Boss Kannada viewers to name the most selfish contestant in the house

  Netizens came up with names that would surely surprise you

BBK8 Most Selfish Contestant: Who's the most selfish contestant in the ongoing season of Kannada Bigg Boss? Well, the answer will stun you. It's been four weeks since Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 started and host Kichcha Sudeep and the show runners are going all out to introduce interesting elements on the show to keep the audience glued to their TV sets.

Colors Kannada has been asking questions related to the Bigg Boss show to the viewers on their official Twitter handle and netizens too are actively participating in the same.

The latest question caught our attention. Colors Kannada asked viewers to name the most selfish contestant in the Bigg Boss house right now in Season 8 and guess the contestant who got the most number of votes? None other than Divya Suresh! Bigg Boss viewers think that Divya Suresh is one of the most selfish contestants in Kannada Bigg Boss 8 and she sides with housemates depending on their popularity to stay safe inside the house. However, one of the users rightly commented saying that it was wrong to point at just one person as every contestant who's inside the house is selfish and does that to survive in the house.

Have a look at the tweet...

Here's a look at the replies to the tweet posted by Colors Kannada

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is gearing up to eliminated another contestant in week 4 and the votes results have come in. As per the buzz, there are two contestants who have earned least number of votes this week. 

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Yesterday was Vaaradha Kathe Kichchana Jothe and host Kichcha Sudeep gave his assessment of the performance of BBK8 contestants. It is in the weekend episode that Kannada Bigg Boss contesants get a reality check on how they have performed. And the following day, Sudeep also announces the name of the eliminated contestant for that week.

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By the way, Who according to you is the most selfish contestant in Kannada Bigg Boss Season 8? Let us know in t he comments section below.

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