Clash Between Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Hit Pair Maanas, Priyanka: Check Reason

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is going on at a good pace. Two contestants, Priyanka and Maanas have understood the audience's pulse and have been together since the premiere episode. However, sometimes, Bigg Boss viewers feel that Maanas is faking the relationship with Priyanka just to survive in the house. 

After watching the recent episode of Bigg Boss 5, the audience expected that even the Bigg Boss felt the same thing with Maanas and wanted to check their worth. Bigg Boss created a situation where Siri and Pinky got into a conflict, in which Siri got hurt. 

When all the housemates blame Priyanka for her wrong behaviour, she does not like it and walks away. Later, Siri has an argument with Shannu and cries. Priyanka, who observes all of this bitches about  Siri's behaviour, and says that she is doing it only for garnering attention.

When Maanas condemns Priyanka, she feels bad for his words and moves away from him. She again comes to him and apologises to Maanas where Maanas is seen telling her that he was not ready to take the apology. 

Will their conflict grow bigger and lead to their separation in the house?... or will they support each other like earlier, is to be seen in the coming episodes.

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