Check Out The Winner and Runner Up of Bigg Boss Tamil 5

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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is heading towards its grand finale this week with lots of predictions about who will be the winner and runner-up of the show. Bigg Boss Tamil viewers are eager to predict the winner of this season. They say that Priyanka will clinch the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 trophy. A section of the audience say that Raju deserves to bag the trophy. Priyanka and Raju's fans are having a debate for the last three days on social media platforms over the winner of the show. Priyanka fans allege that Raju is getting huge support from eliminated contestants' fans, and now as Ciby is out of the race, Ciby fans will also cast their votes for Raju. Priyanka and Raju's fans are working hard to keep their contestants in the top two. 

However, Priyanka and Raju are topping the voting results with the highest voting percentage. They both have their own strategy to win the show. It is worth mentioning here that Raju's fans are trying to overtake Priyanka. Netizens predict that Raju will be the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 while Priyanka will be the runner-up, followed by Thamarai as the second runner-up. All social media platform polls are also showing results that Priyanka or Raju will bag the trophy. Do you agree with this? Let us know your winner and runner up predictions for Bigg Boss Tamil 5.

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