Bigg Boss Viewers Slams VJ Sunny: Deets Inside

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is gearing up for the 11th round of elimination in the house. Everyone got nominated for this week's elimination except captain (Anchor Ravi). Trusted sources tell us that Anee Master and Priyanka Singh are at the bottom of the list with the least votes.

If show organizers plan double eviction, then Anee Master and Priyanka will be getting eliminated from the show. On the other hand, with each passing day, one contestant of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 graph is rising. And If you are wondering who it is,Your guess is good as mine.

He is none other than VJ Sunny, who has been entertaining the viewers with his game. He is also setting major friendship goals to his fans. In a recent episode, RJ Kajal helped Sunny in the fire tuck task. He won an eviction-free pass from Bigg Boss with the help of Kajal and Maanas. 

However, a section of the viewers are not happy with VJ Sunny's behavior in the house. They are trolling him on social media. Check out the tweets we have managed to get for you.

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