Bigg Boss Telugu Makers Showing Partiality On Ravi?

 - Sakshi Post

Anchor Ravi needs no introduction for the Telugu audience. The anchor has attracted viewers with his comic timing, spontaneous dialogues, and the jovial way he has hosted shows on television and during events.

However, Bigg Boss viewers feel that Anchor Ravi is behaving completely differently in the house in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.

Last week, during the time of nominations, when Priya was nominating Lahari, she said that Lahari is busy with all the men in the house especially with Ravi. Then Ravi raised his voice and denied her allegations.

When Lahari and Priya tried to sort out the issue, Ravi said that he did not say that Lahari is leaving all the single men in the house and is spending time with him.

However, in the weekend episode, Nagarjuna made Lahari understand that Ravi did a mistake and they sorted out their differences.

However, after watching the episode, viewers said that Bigg Boss was showing partiality to Ravi. This is because of the Siri and Sunny issue during the last weekend episode, they showed the video in front of all the housemates, but this time, the clarification video was shown to Lahari only in the power room. Bigg Boss did this to cover up Ravi’s double standards in front of other housemates.

BB viewers feel that the show makers are trying to safeguard Ravi from eliminations. Will this become an advantage or disadvantage to Ravi is to be watched in today’s nominations.  

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