Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Week 2 Nominations: These Contestants Are In Danger Zone

 - Sakshi Post

Hey Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers, are you waiting for the update on the voting results? Yes, then we are back with our voting results today. As we all know, Lobo, Priyanka Singh, Priya, RJ Kajal, Uma Devi, Anee Master, and Nataraj Master are on the nomination list for second-week elimination. As if now, Lobo, Priyanka Singh, Priya, and RJ Kajal are in the safe zone and Uma Devi, Anee Master, and Nataraj Master are in danger zone. 

Lobo- 45.05% 

Priyanka Singh- 41.17%

Priya- 37%

RJ Kajal-30.02%

Uma Devi-29.54%

Anee Master- 24%

Nataraj Master- 20%

Presently, the contestants in the glasshouse are hyperactive and giving tough competition to each other to win the captaincy task. So many clashes happened and bonds between the contestants totally changed after the nomination task. Anyway, compared to the first week, the second week is keeping the audience glued to their television. It seems that Star Maa is now getting a good TRP rating after housemates' high drama over nominations. A section of the audience says that there is no contestant yet who has proven themselves to win the trophy. As it is the Bigg Boss house, no contestant can keep their fake mask for a long time. However, one day, for sure, the real character will come out. The same is happening now in the season 5 house. In the beginning, every contestant tried to play a safe game, but after the nominations, the game strategy of the contestants totally changed. Even the vote bank will be based on how the contestants are playing the task. So which contestant do you want to get an exit pass for this weekend? Comment below.

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