Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Trends Today For Week 1 Nominations

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has been in the headlines from day one of its announcement. There are 19 contestants in the glass house and they are all gung ho about showcasing their talent to the small screen audience. 

It might take some time for the channel to get good TRPs. It cannot be denied that even contestants take time to open up and show their true colors to the audience. Even though contestants enter the house with a strategy, nobody can continue to put on a show for long. When it comes to performance of contestants, it's too early to judge as it has only been two days since the show started. No one knows what will happen next in the glass house. But one thing is for sure, contestants who entered the Bigg Boss house would have watched all the previous seasons of Bigg Boss in all languages before planning their game strategy. Yet, a few contestants fail miserably in excuting their plans and end up getting an exit pass to leave the Bigg Boss house. 

Now, the well known names in the house are contestants Anchor Ravi, Shanmukh Jawanth, RJ Kajal, Lobo, Uma Devi, Priya and Vishwa. They enjoy a decent fan following on social media. So, according to Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers, they may stand a chance to stay in the house for longer because of their popularity. However, BB viewers are yet to figure out who the strong contestants are.

It is known that the first week's nomination took place yesterday. For the first week elimination, Anchor Ravi, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Sarayu, RJ Kajal, Hamida, Jashwanth, and Maanas received the most nominations from housemates. As per reports, Anchor Ravi, and RJ Kajal are in the leading position with a good number of votes. Sarayu, Hamida, Maanas, and Jaswanth are in danger zone. Let us wait and watch as there are three are more days for the elimination round in the Bigg Boss house. Who do you think will get eliminated in the first week? Stay tuned.

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