Bigg Boss Telugu 5: VJ Sunny Predicts Shannu's Future

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It's a big day today on Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. The most awaited grand finale episode will be aired tonight at 6 pm on Star Maa and you can catch all the live action on Hotstar. All the predictions on social media platforms have come to an end and the voting line has been closed. 

According to a source in the know, VJ Sunny has got the highest votes. The contestants in the house are having a good time as it is their last day. In yesterday's episode, the previous seasons' contestants entertained the season 5 contestants in place of Nagarjuna. 

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Earlier, in a conversation between VJ Sunny and Shanmukh Jaswanth, VJ Sunny said to Shanmukh that he would become a hug guru after stepping out of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 house. VJ Sunny was making fun of Shannu recalling Siri's mother's comment about their hugs and kisses. It is known that Shannnu has been trolled a lot for his chemistry with Siri, and many memes have been created featuring the couple. So, we can say that VJ Sunny's prediction about Shannu's future after the Bigg Boss show was aimed at this. It is common for contestants to be trolled and be part of memes if they are participating in the Bigg Boss show. Nothing is to be taken seriously. The fact is that these trolls and memes only make the contestant popular after they step out of the house. 

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