Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Viewers Hail Star Maa's Fair Elimination

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Viewers Hail Star Maa's Fair EliminationBigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is the most popular Telugu show on small screens. The show getting a good TRP rating from day one. The contestants in the house are giving their best to win the title.

In the Bigg Boss show, the channel and show makers will save the contestants who are trying to run the love track with other contestants. And even contestants also know about this trick, so they try to connect with other contestants and give some hot content to the show.

A few of the contestants will be saved for their high drama. As there will be one or two contestants, they will get into fights with other housemates for silly reasons. They will be saved until and unless they cross the limits.

Now in this week's elimination, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers expected that Star Maa and show makers will save Hamida and eliminate Jessie. But there is a buzz going around on social media platforms that Hamida got evicted from the show.

By this audience are hailing Star Maa for doing fair eliminations this season.

As Hamida is running a love track with Sreerama, viewers thought the show makers might save her. However we should wait for tonight's episode to see which contestant got eliminated.

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