Bigg Boss Telugu 5: These Contestants Are Ready to Start Love Track?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has completed its second week and entered its third week. As Sunday is here, it's elimination time. There is a buzz going around that Karthika Deepam, actress Uma Devi, has been eliminated from the Big Boss glass house. Anyway, as we all know, there will be at least one Jodi in the glass house to entertain the audience. In season 4, there was Akhil and Monal, but in season 5, no love track had started yet. Star Maa is trying to connect the contestants from the first week, but it failed. Sree and Hamida seem to be close to each other, so let's see if their equation continues or not. 

Anee Master, Lahri, and Shweta are seen gossiping about the love tracks in the house in some episodes. Because of that, they have been trolled by netizens that they are interested in starting a love track. The most well-known fact is that contestants who are running a love track will be safe at any cost till the last week. However, netizens say Star Maa is trying to run a love track between Lahri and Maanas. The Bigg Boss show will get a lot of hype with love tracks and viewers will show interest in watching the show. In season 4, Monal, Abhijeet, and Akhil's triangle track brought Star Maa a good TRP rating. What is your comment on season 5's love track? Comment below. 

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