Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Sreerama Chandra or Shanmukh Jaswanth, Who Will Be the Runner Up?

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Sreerama Chandra and Shanmukh Jaswanth have their own game strategy to win the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title. They also have an equal fan base and fame outside the glass house, which is incomparable. But when it comes to their performance in the Bigg Boss show, Sreerama and Shannu only fought once, and later they did not get into any arguments or ugly fights. Shannu used to have an issue with Sreerama when Siri moved close to him, but he never blamed Sreerama for that. Instead, he used to direct his anger at Siri. Sreerama had no issues with Shannu and did not point him out unnecessarily. So, we can say that they both have their own game plan.

If you have been close observers of the Bigg Boss show, then you know that Sreerama and Shannu don't share a great bond as such neither did they try to connect to each other throughout the season. A section of the audience says that Shannu has ego issues with Sreerama, but we don't know how far it's true. But for the last three days, there have been headlines that Sreerama defeated Shannu and won the runner-up, and Shannu is the second runner-up of the show. According to the insiders, Sreerama has many chances to win the runner-up based on his performance and voting percentage. Coming to Shannu's performance, it is known that his performance was not better thab Sreerama in any way as he was always seen chatting with Siri or shouting at Siri. So, the social media buzz is that Sreerama might bag the runner-up of Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

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