Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Sreerama Chandra Hired PRs For Votes, Say Viewers

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is grabbing the attention of the audience. The contestants in the house are entertaining the viewers and giving their best to show their talent. As it is the weekend, it is elimination time. It is known that Sunny, Priya, Ravi, Lobo, Siri, RJ Kajal, Anee Master, and Natraj Master are the nominated contestants for this week's elimination. Sunny, Priya, Ravi, Lobo, and Siri are in the safe zone. RJ Kajal, Anee Master, and Natraj Master are in the danger zone. 

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As we all know, Sreerama Chandra is the new captain of the house. In the past few days, Sreerama Chandra has been growing in popularity outside the house. There are many fan pages of Sreerama Chandra on social media websites. Sreerama Chandra's haters are saying that he has hired PRs for votes. Anyway, hiring PRs is common. Every contestant who enters the house will hire PRs for publicity, and their moto for hiring PRs is to win the title of Bigg Boss. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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