Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Siri-Shannu Friends Turned Foes After Entering Bigg Boss House

 - Sakshi Post

As you must be aware by now, Shanmukh Jaswanth and Siri have done several videos together on their YouTube channel. Their videos have also received good response from fans. They work for the same organisation and are good friends. After entering the show too, the duo shared maintained a good rappor.  

In the weekend episode, Siri tied a friendship band to Shannu. Siri was seen saying that outside the house, her relationship with him was not that good, but now in the glass house, he was taking good care of her. However, in tonight's episode, Siri complains to Bigg Boss that her equation is changing with Shannu. Shannu is shocked to hear Siri's words. 

Anyway, BBT viewers say that Siri is playing a game with Shannu. It is not new to see relationships break, new friendships blossom in Bigg Boss house. The equations between contestants keep changing. Earlier, Sarayu also stressed this point saying that Siri is taking the help of Shannu to win the game. We can't say whether Siri is really doing that. We may have to wait and watch tonight's episode to find out what exactly happened between the two.

Dear Bigg Boss addicts, I hope you know that the voting lines will be closed tonight as it is Friday. A few news websites are saying that Nataraj Master might get an exit pass during this week's elimination. Let's see who will get evicted from the house by Nagarjuna this weekend.

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