Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Priya Reveals Anchor Ravi's Game Plan

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is underway and if you have been regularly following the TV reality show, you must have observed that from very first week of the show, any contestant who was playing a task with Ravi was getting influenced by him, and that influenced contestant would get up getting eliminated. And the contestants who were defaming and getting into fights with Ravi also got eliminated. Going by the happenings in the house, it is very evident that Ravi has a huge fan following outside the house. 

It may be recalled that Natraj Master, Lahari, and Swetha Varma are the contestants who got into an argument with Ravi for some reason or the other. And  then they got evicted. Their vote percentage too was one of the reasons. But viewers feel that Ravi's game plan was behind their eviction. Now, one of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants who was evicted from the show last night has revealed the same. 

Artist Priya who was evicted from the house last night appeared in the Bigg Boss Buzz show with Ariyana Glory. During the course of her interview, Priya said that Ravi was targeting strong players and that was his game strategy to get them eliminated from the house first. 

If Ravi continues to play the way he goes, he is likely to be in the top five list. We can't say Ravi is wrong because he is playing his game to win the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title. It's high time other contestants understood this and played their game. 

Ravi fans who watched Ariyana's interview with Priya state that people should focus on their individual game rather than pointing at someone's game plan.

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