Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Not Lobo, Siri Might Get Red Card This Week, Deets Inside

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is heading towards its ninth week with a lot happening inside the house. Now, the hot topic of discussion on social media is about Shannu and Siri romance in the Bigg Boss house. The audience are slamming Shanmukh Jaswanth and Siri and say that Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is a family show. They are not supposed to do the kind of stuff in the house. Earlier, Shannu and Siri got into a clash over an issue during the captaincy task. So, Shannu lashed out at Siri, but later Shannu apologised after which Siri kissed Shannu on his forehead. 

However, this scene has not gone down well with the audience. Viewers are saying that Siri is already married and questioning her how and why is she trying to get close to Shannu. 

We know that, the weekend is here and it's elimination time. According to the voting results, Lobo and Siri are in the danger zone. So there in the buzz going around that the makers might save Lobo and eliminate Siri so as to not lose the family audience. Star Maa could lose viewership because of such scenes. 

In all probability, if this logic works, then there is no doubt that Star Maa might evict Siri to save their TRPs

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