Bigg Boss Telugu 5: No Wild Card Entry This Season

 - Sakshi Post

Hey Bigg Boss Telugu viewers, are you waiting to know who will be the wild card entrant this season? Are you wondering as to why the makers have not brought in any celebrity under the wild card entry? Well, then you must read this. 

There are lots of rumors about Bigg Boss wild card entry. Few news websites have predicted that a top Jabardash actor or Telugu anchor will be brought into the Bigg Boss house as wild card entry. There are many names doing the rounds and viewers are expecting a lot. However, there is still no wild card entry. In the previous season, there was a wild card entry around this week. 

So it's quite apparent that Bigg Boss Telugu makers may not be planning for any wild card entry this season, due to the current covid situations in the state. The wild card entrant has to undergo all covid tests and quarantine for 14 days. We all know that the Bigg Boss show has completed 60 days out of 106 days, so there are still 44 days left. under the circumstances, there may not be any wild card entrant this season. 

Let's wait and see what the Star Maa has planned for Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers.

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