Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Nagarjuna Protects his Favourite Contestant, Again!

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is all set for its weekend episode. As per the latest buzz, it is learned that out of the eight nominated contestants to get eliminated this week, Nagarjuna will be saving five contestants today. The nominated contestants of Week 4 are Siri, Sunny, Anee Master, Natraj Master, Ravi, Kajal, Lobo and Priya.

According to the industry sources, Sunny, Priya, Ravi, Kajal and Siri will be saved by the host Nagarjuna on Saturday. While out of the remaining three contestants- Lobo and Natraj Master are in danger zone. As Sakshi Post already mentioned, there are high chances for Natraj Master to get eliminated.

Coming to the Saturday episode, the makers of the show released a promo in which Nagarjuna is seen taking a class of the contestants for their behavior with the housemates. Have a look at the promo:

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In the promo, Nagarjuna scolds Lobo for shouting at Priya but did not talk about the humiliation that Priya had put Lobo through. This is not the first week that Nagarjuna supported Priya. Even in the last week, the makers of the show supported Priya in Ravi and Lahari's issue.

Audience and Bigg Boss viewers are now in confusion as to why Nagarjuna and the Bigg Boss makers are being partial towards Priya. Let’s watch the full episode and then jump into a conclusion.

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