Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Kajal Or Vishwa, Who Will Get Red Card This Week

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is getting a huge response and audiences are glued to their televisions to watch the show as it progresses week by week.

The show is becoming more interesting even as the number of contestants is reducing. To remind you, there are still 45 days and 11 contestants left. In those 11 contestants, five contestants will go to the finale round, so there are six more contestants left. The ninth week of elimination is ahead. Do you want to know which of these contestants have more chances of getting an exit pass?

Sreerama Chandra, Sunny, Kajal, Priyanka, Siri, Jaswanth, Vishwaa, and Ravi are the contestants nominated for the ninth-week elimination.

According to the voting results, Sreerama Chandra, Sunny, Siri, Jaswanth, Ravi, and Priyanka are in the safe zone. Kajal and Vishwaa are in the danger zone.

As per the voting analysis and audience pulse, Kajal or Vishwaa might get a red card in the ninth week of elimination.

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Let's wait and watch what the Bigg Boss Telugu makers are planning. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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