Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Finals: Deepthi Insta Filled With Vote Appeal for Shanmukh

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Deepthi Sunaina is a big name on the Telugu small screen, Not only is she a former participant on Bigg Boss Telugu, but she is also the girlfriend of Shanmukh Jaswanth, who's a contestant in the current season of Bigg Boss Telugu. 

From day one of the show, Deepthi Sunaina has been relentlessly supporting Shannu. On Shannu's birthday, Bigg Boss made a special AV for him by adding Deepthi's message. They two enjoy huge fame together as a couple. Shannu in one of the weekend episodes said that Deepthi was with him when he was zero and supported him to help him grow in his career. With that, this couple won many viewers' hearts and became the hot favourite of the Bigg Boss Telugu viewers. In between, Deepthi was trolled for unfollowing Shannu over his proximinty to housemate Siri in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. But Deepthi gave an explanation to the audience that she wanted to keep it that way and won't follow Shannu on social media platforms.

Anyway, the show is iching towards the grand finale. Deepthi's Instagram and other social media handles are filled with vote appeals for Shanmukh Jaswanth. On Instagram Deepthi has posted Shannu's photo with the message,"Do not come to conclusions. Do not judge his whole character watching Biggboss. Remember that’s just a SHOW. He is a very good human being. Let him do whatever he wants to. Let him decide. Do not expect him to reach your expectations. Meeku nachinattu kaakunda vaadiki nachinattu undanivvandi. He is what he is. NOBODY DESERVES HATE. Please support your favourite contestant. I’m supporting Shanmukh, now and forever. I want to see him happy. #voteforshannu".

With this, we can say that Deepthi has put a full stop to all the rumours about Shannu's aggressive behaviour towards Siri and possible breakup between him and Deepthi. Shannu's rude behaviour towards Siri in the last week invited a lot of negativity. A section of the audience has been pointing fingers at his personal life following his fight with Siri. But now, Deepthi Sunaina's post has cleared all the negative rumours about Shannu and his voting percentage has also improved. 

Deepthi is posting almost every day asking viewers to vote for him. Have a look at her Deepthi Sunaina's instagram stories.

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